Here's The Story

Christian and Mary are two sneakerheads who have a passion for cars, tattoos, weights, sports, and wine. When their worlds collided they spent most of their time debating whether Christian's 392 Charger (@392vino) or Mary's Rubicon (@jeep.wraven) was the more superior ride. What they failed to realize was these good-natured disputes would birth the brainchild of "KINDA Custom, KINDA Stock."

The two set out on an adventure to create a community that represents the working class. The people that don't have "10 G's" to drop on a Frankenstein modded out vehicle, but install a few cool mods here and there. The people that are hardworking and play even harder.

The KINDA Custom, KINDA Stock crew celebrates those who are walking the line of being KINDA Custom, but still Kinda Stock; whether it's pimping your ride, adding art to your flesh, a fitness journey, or doing the best you can with what you've got. We see you!

Raise a glass to those of us who are part of the everyday grind, but show out on occasion! We are proud to be KINDA Custom, KINDA Stock.